Collins Village Homeowners Association

Lawrenceville, Georgia

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Closing Letters and Statement of Account Documents
The Association Fee is $125 annually, due July 1st, past due after July 31. The Association does not provide any amenities. The Association Fee covers maintenance of the common areas and front entrance.

If you have 30 days to receive this document please send a check for $25 payable to Collins Village Homeowners Association, Inc and please include the following information.

Your personal name
Your contact phone numbers and email
The business or entity you represent
The address your are inquiring about
The return address for your document

If you need this document as soon as possible please contact the President directly at 770-815-1938

Verbal Statement of Account is provided free of charge

Collins Village Homeowners Association, Inc
PO BOX 490301
Lawrenceville, GA  30049

Board of Directors

Richard Fisher
Holly Sullivan
Suzanne Kriner

President: Richard Fisher (770) 815-1938
Please contact the President for: administrative issues, community issues, front entrance maintenance. Questions concerning covenants, rules and regulations, county code. Questions concerning special events and committees.

Treasurer: Holly Sullivan (770) 315-5423
Please contact the Treasurer for: accounts payable and receivable, Closing Letters and Statement of Account documents

Secretary, Vice President: Suzanne Kriner (678) 377-5414
Please contact the Secretary to arrange an appointment for viewing The Minutes and Corporate Record

Architectural Control Committee - ACC

President: Beate Fisher (770)-289-4765
Secretary: Michele Lindee
Rhonda Schulte Rosser
Joe Bienias
Mel Hughes

Please click on the Rules & Regs tab for detailed ACC information

Commons Committee
Christine Morehead
Sandy Gardner
If you have any questions or concerns for the committee please contact the CVHA President.

Please click on the Get Involved tab for a full explanation of the duties for this committee
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