Collins Village Homeowners Association

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Please dispose of any and all copies you have of the original covenants. Original covenants have a Clerk Superior Court stamp dated between 1987 and 1992, depending on what copy you may have (most are dated 1987).

It is highly recommended that you print the covenants and file them with your records. If you are unable to print the following documents the Board can print one for you. Please contact the President by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

Amended Covenants, Effective June 16, 2010

Collins Village Lot Owners’ Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Collins Village Homeowners Association, Inc By-Laws

NOTE: Those who are making comparisons and looking carefully may note that the Collins Village Homeowners Association, Inc By-Laws are exactly the same from 23 years ago. The by-laws were not changed or modified for the proposal to amend covenants. A lot owner could remove this section from the old covenants before disposing of them to save some paper and toner. The Board has provided both documents for the sake of convenience and simplicity.

Declarations Passed by Board Resolution

November 2010 Annual Board Meeting
RESOLVED, CVHA shall apply an additional $25 fee, creating two payments of $75 for homeowners who choose to exercise the Split Payment Plan option, instead of paying the Association Fee of $125 in full. This plan will be implemented next year for the July 2011 Association Due.

RESOLVED, CVHA shall maintain one $5000 reserve block for operations and two $5000 reserve blocks for ACC legal expenses, for a total cash reserve of $15000 in the CVHA savings account.

RESLOVED, CVHA has removed the The Neighborhood Pavillion from the website and Board schedule of topics.

CVHA Fencing Policy for properties bordering Collins Hill Road, February 2010

Properties affected: 180 Radner Run and the following address numbers for Dorchester Drive: 1401, 1411, 1421, 1431, 1441, 1451, 1461, 1471. If you are replacing an old fence or erecting a new fence, the new fencing design must follow the design approved by the Board. Board approved fencing can be viewed at 1441, 1451, and 1461 Dorchester Drive. The link provides an image.

Collins Hill Road CVHA Fence Policy

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