Collins Village Homeowners Association

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to get involved in the neighborhood!

  • Board of Directors
  • Architectural Control Committee, ACC
  • Commons Committee
  • Contact the President to form your own Special Events committee for an Easter egg hunt, neighborhood cookout, Halloween parade, holiday decorating, etc.

If you have an interest in volunteering in any of these areas or any other area you are passionate about, please click on the Contact Us tab to reach the President. 

Always looking for future Board and ACC Members

A fully staffed Association reduces the burden for all volunteers so please step forward to help your neighbors and this community! If you have the time and skills to assume the office of President, Treasurer or Secretary, or participate in the ACC or Commons Committee, please contact the current President as listed on the Contact Us tab. Your name will be added to a list of potential volunteers for a future opening or to take the place of a volunteer who must resign. Such a list would be of great service to any Board and this community!

Most people are understandably apprehensive of volunteering. You should know the time burden of being a Board Member, ACC Member or Commons Committee member is small under ordinary circumstances. Indeed, this burden is far from daily, coming in spurts, directly related to activity in the community. In that sense the only real burden is your ability to be reached in a timely manner to discuss a situation, and being available in a timely manner for a meeting.

The Collins Village Homeowners Association operates at its best, with the least amount of individual burden, by having 6-8 volunteers representing 6-8 separate lot votes (1 vote per lot).

While any single Board Member could operate the daily business of the corporation, three members are required to operate a functioning Board to vote on any proposal, or assume the responsibility of the ACC (if no volunteers can be found for the ACC).

The ACC requires a minimum of 3 volunteers to function with a maximum of 5. Due to the unanimous vote requirement for some ACC rulings, a full membership of 5 lot owners is greatly preferred. This raises the bar required for passage while adding more weight to the ACC decision.

The Commons Committee is brand spanking new. Preliminary thoughts were to have a minimum of 3 green thumb volunteers working together to make recommendations to the Board.

Any Board Director or ACC Member volunteer must be a lot owner in this community, with a current account, and not in violation of the Association rules and regulations during their term.
Beneficial Skills and Capabilities for any Board Director or ACC member
1) Regularly uses and checks email
2) Can easily be reached by personal cell phone or land line

Publicly Posted Contact Information Required

The following officers are required to provide a personal contact phone number that will be posted on the community website. An Email address is optional (providing yours on the website will likely generate email spam).
1) President
2) Treasurer
3) Secretary
4) ACC President

Board President
Board members volunteering for President takes on less burden than expected and that burden is directly related to how smoothly everything is running in the community.
1) As the main contact and public spokes person of the corporation, communication skills are a huge plus
2) As Chief Administrator of the corporation the President should be knowledgeable of Secretary and Treasurer duties, and capable of performing the duties of either office
3) As Chief Administrator with the corporate debit card you will be responsible for the occasional purchases that do not flow through the Treasury
4) As Chief Administrator you will make numerous decisions on your own related to the maintenance of the common areas and front entrance
5) Requires a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order to conduct a meeting

Board Vice President
1) Only the Secretary or Treasurer can hold this office
2) If the President is unable to conduct an Association or Board Meeting the Vice President shall temporarily assume that role

Board Treasurer

Treasurer is the most important office at CVHA. The burden of Treasurer is directly related to how many lot owners are not paying their Association Dues and how many home sales occur in the community for any given year. The greatest burden is July and August when you will be depositing up to 87 checks for Association Dues. Another small but consistent burden for the treasurer is documenting the financial activity of the corporation to generate profit and loss statements, and balance sheet statements.
1) Requires basic accounting skills to keep and maintain records. Knowledge and capability to use XL spreadsheets is a huge plus
2) Three monthly bills are paid via automatic withdrawal. Landscaping fees are paid manually every month. There are a handful of bills throughout the year that require manual payment
3) Provide a Statement of Account and Closing Letter for home sales
4) Process bank deposits of Association Dues, service fees and fines
5) Visit the PO Box at Russell Road and Hwy 20 regularly and disburse mail to the officers (nearly all mail received will be directly related to your office)
6) Responsible for the safe keeping of all effects, valuables and financial records of the corporation
7) Requires a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order to conduct a meeting or substantiate proper conduct during a meeting

Board Secretary
The burden of Secretary is quite small. The President or Treasurer may ask for your assistance in their duties.
1) Requires the ability to take notes of a meeting and provide those notes in a written form called The Minutes, to be filed in the Corporate Record
2) Ability to use a word processing program is a huge plus. Microsoft Word is commonly used
3) As the legal witness of the conduct and activity of the corporation, your signature and corporate seal will be legally required on documents for the corporation to conduct business
4) You are responsible for the safe keeping of the Corporate Record and Corporate Seal
5) You must facilitate the public inspection of the Corporate Record (by appointment only)
6) Requires a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order to conduct a meeting or substantiate proper conduct during a meeting

Other Board Duties
1) The Board must facilitate and conduct an Annual Association Meeting
2) The Board must facilitate and conduct an Annual Board Meeting
3) Additional Board meetings are planned at the discretion of the officers. The need to facilitate and conduct additional public Board meetings will be directly related to the need to conduct new business or hear grievances from the community in an open public setting. Based on that premise and historical precedent, additional meetings would be rare.

ACC President

The ACC President has the greatest burden as an ACC member, administering ACC Request and ACC Violation forms for deliberation and ruling.
1) As the direct contact and spokes person of the ACC, communication skills are a huge plus
2) Facilitates and conducts ACC meetings to issue a ruling on an ACC Request or Violation
3) Responsible for the safe keeping of ACC records contained in the ACC file box
4) Requires a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order to conduct a meeting

ACC Secretary
1) As the legal witness of the conduct and activity of the ACC, your signature will be legally required on all ACC Request and Violation forms
2) Assist the ACC President
3) Requires a basic understanding of Roberts Rules of Order to substantiate proper conduct during a meeting

ACC Member
The burden of the other ACC members is quite small and rarely called upon. Your activity will be directly related to an ACC request or violation in which the ACC President needs the input of all ACC members to make a decision.

Commons Committee
This is not a committee of labor but rather an administrative body of one to two people to direct the design, appeal and maintenance of the front entrance, and develop a budget to keep it that way. The majority of this burden is seasonal, spring through fall, likely revolving around monthly inspection of the areas and notifying the Board of any work that needs to be done or changes that need to be made.
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