Collins Village Homeowners Association

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Neighborhood Services

Street light out? Get the number off the pole and contact:
Jackson EMC 770-963-6166

Lawn and Garden

Mole problems in your yard?  Try this device:
Solar Mole Chaser, model 94661, available at

While some people swear by the Mole Chaser sonic repellant device one neighbor found the mole ignoring it altogether for 1.5 weeks. This neighbor did have success using a Victor Mole Trap. While the product is called a trap the actual function is to kill the mole. Like any product that traps an animal you will need to know your mole and its feeding patterns, observed as the tunnels appearing in your grass. This product is installed and set over one of the main tunnels you suspect the mole to be using regularly.

Available locally at Brownlee’s General Store, 770-963-9784
219 Hurricane Shoals Rd Ne, Lawrenceville, GA  30045 


Businesses and Service Providers Recommended By Your Neighbors

Get er Done Handy Man Services
No job is too small and Mark does just about everything related to maintaining your home!
Mark Hinshaw, Owner   678-758-0651

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